SunStar Rent A Car

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Our story

Every big story starts with the first step - so did we. We had a vision and worked hard on it. Step by step we made something big out of it. This makes us proud.

Our vision

There is a simple truth: If you beliefe in what you do you can reach your goal. This is the reason why we provide  the best service to our clients day by day. 
We want you to enjoy your holiday as much as you can.

Our team

We are more then just a few experts. We work perfectly together. Smart people work together as friends. Together we work with heart and effort on our service, this makes us unique. 

Our prices

We are offer competitive prices with no hidden charges and the highest of customer service speaking several languages and provide an easy booking procedure.

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We are happy to answer your questions and we are looking forward to hearing from your.

SunStar Rent A Car, S.L.

c/o Heike Navarro Marin
Camino del Tell, 33
03314 San Bartolomé (Alicante)